About the journey

From Cape Town to Dar es Salaam

Photographer Yasser Booley is traveling from Cape Town to Dar es Salaam, to capture authentic African public transport in African cities.

His work is Africa focused, African Unity, and speaks to and of the man on the street.

His Afrikanist movement is about changing the perception of Africa, in the global sphere and to unfold the public transport human story is through visual images. Aurecon engineering is in partnership with Yasser, in aims to show a human centric approach to engineering solutions for African infrastructure.


Yasser Booley started taking photographs if his environment in 1993, at the age of 17, after receiving a camera from his father.

He stumbled upon the ability to record his own development and the world around him and the power of photography to capture his perception of the world. Being self-taught, he insisted on informing his point of view as a response to the situation he found himself in rather than a predetermined goal-oriented approach.

The genre that is most used to categorize his work is Documentary Photography. Booley started working as a professional photographer in 2003.


With 2500 staff in Africa, Aurecon is one of the largest engineering consultants on the continent and the largest consultant in South Africa. The company has adopted a future ready strategy that is built on three platforms of innovation, digital engineering and eminence. Innovation for Aurecon extends beyond our information systems and technology artefacts.

Innovation will be focussed on clients and we need to demonstrate the value of our ideas to both our clients and to the business. At the heart of our innovation of the client experience will be the concept of design led thinking. Our innovation program is in place to differentiate our offerings. We will encourage and nurture innovation and technical excellence from our people.

Through joining Yasser on this photographic journey, Aurecon is hoping to capture a very rich visual story of the public transport commuter in Africa. The intention of this journey is not to only showcase public transport across Africa but to give all stakeholders a richer appreciation of the lived experiences of African public transport commuters. To gain better empathy and to have a slightly better understanding of what commuters experience on a daily basis.

Aurecon believes that by telling this story their transport planners and engineers will have a better appreciation for the ultimate end user and thereby be better equipped to provide more human centric transport solutions.

Perception of public transport in Africa varies from one country to the next. We also see that public transport in North Africa will differ substantially from the commuter experience in Central or sub-Sahara Africa.